Sunday, October 28, 2012

Java Spring for Beginners - part 2

Hey everyone

 This is in continuation to my previous post for spring beginners. Here are the 2nd part of the tutorials

Tutorial 11

Tutorial 12

Tutorial 13

Tutorial 14

Tutorial 15

Tutorial 16

Tutorial 17

Tutorial 18

Tutorial 19

Tutorial 20

Tutorial 21

Tutorial 22

Tutorial 23(last)

Feel free to our in your suggestions, your thoughts. I'll be anxious to hear from you

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Java Spring for Beginners

I found a brilliant set of tutorials online for beginners who're new to Spring Framework. In lack of simple to read books, i found these useful tutorials which in a simple yet descriptive way explain the steps and concepts to make a great application using all the advantages of Spring.

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3

Tutorial 4

Tutorial 5

Tutorial 6

Tutorial 7

Tutorial 8

Tutorial 9

Tutorial 10

These are half the tutorials. Rest half would be posted in the next post.

Hope you guys liked it


More Posts soon to come

Hello everyone
I understand you all must have felt like i've abandoned the blog. Its not like that. I started working somewhere, and because of this, i've suddenly felt short of time.

But worry not, i shall be starting to post soon. I've got some things up the sleeve, and will be posting them in a week or two.


Monday, July 30, 2012

A great video

I just came across a track from Coke Studio Pakistan season 5. have to admit, its one of the best songs i've ever heard. Bohemia collaborates with  Chakwal brothers in their folk track 'Kandyaari' .  The track is a shining example of how folk and modern music can be fused together.

The track has been playing nonstop since two days now on my PC. Hope the bug catches you too

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Payback hears... introduces a new card

In January had put up a post mentioning how badly implemented was the payback loyalty card in India. (For those who missed out on that, is the link ) Well, the effect is visible now.

Payback has launched a new card - Payback green. Meant to replace pantaloon's loyalty card, this card was introduced to help with customers complaining which card to use. Well its good to see companies caring for customer loyalty.

What can we say, online consumerism does have its advantages. Companies have to acknowledge the customers.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Business Model - Paypal

 Here are a few videos that would be fruitful for those who want to start a online business, and need to know the market basics.

The next video does give some outdated information regarding the type of accounts available with paypal (currently there are 3 - Personal, premier and Business m while the video explains 5).

How to Open a PayPal Account -- powered by ehow

The best way would be to use the personal account. Start with the personal account first. Then when you are well acquainted with the Paypal system, upgrade to the premium accounts.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Book Review - Ah Poetry

I had recently applied for Blogadda's book review program. I got selected, and got a compilation of poems - Ah Poetry to review.

Ah Poetry is a collection of poems by a few poetry enthusiasts. They come from all walks and professions, geographical locations , and share the same enthusiasm for creativity. Some of them learning the basics, while some showing their mastery at the discipline.

On opening the package, i first came across a note personally signed by Nirav Sanghvi, CEO of Blogadda. Also i found a bookmark along with the book. Good to see Blogadda working well to build reputation, highly appreciable.

The book was a fun experience to read. Noticed some facts that i never cared about. Found out some really nice words for using in life.

The book is full of poets( 57 poets in total - some really aces at it, while some trying evidently showing their inexperience). The 170 poem collection is exhaustive, and yet gives a unique vision to what occurs in life with us. The first poet that caught my eye was a software engineer Amanpreet Singh ( with "Vacant Horizons". The way he's depicted turbulence in mind, its quite good. I could connect with what he was trying to express, and that made it more worth it.

A retired school teacher, Mr Amiya Chatterjee(, was a delight to read. I absolutely adored all three creations of his. The way he's played with words does show his mastery at poetry. Its style reminded me of the poetry i used to read in english grammer books in Calcutta during my childhood. Fine english, excellent execution, i was simply bowled over.

Then came a honest confession by Anand Madhukar(a civil servant,fyi). His 'Letter to my father' was a honest apology, that is worth appreciation.

Then there was Kunal Sen( He showed how a cinematic three-act structure of poetry can be a great entertainment. His localised Bengali romantic poems were a delight to read, not often i get to read such poetry.

Then came a poem from Leenkuna Reddy - a housewife from Mumbai. Initially, i found her creations very common(i've gone through similar execution of the same idea many a times), but then came "Meandering Lines". It's an enactment of a emotional scene. Though the concept is well familiar, the execution was very unique and well narrated. She's shown she can write for bollywood (i'm serious).

Just after Leenkuna was Madhav Bhandarkar( . Though i couldn't get his first creation in the book well, his last creation "Loyal Husband" made up for it(made it up very well). He shows great creativity in depicting the loyalty of a husband for his late wife.

Also i'd like to mention Pratibha Sofat, a software engineer by profession. Her poem "Dreams" was a very honest attempt at poetry.

Well, there are so many of them,  that i can keep on writing endlessly on each one of them. But time and space always become a contraint.

The book's a mixed collection of honest attempts by people, who in their life, have jotted down their experiences, their feelings with creativity and honesty. Some do make me feel interrupted from the flow, while others just leave me wanting for more. My rating for the book - 3.5 out of 5. The good part is very good, the not-so good part poems are average. Overall, i can say the book as a mixed collection. Maybe i'll send them my poems for review.

I Googled, and found out that these guys had started a facebook page, viewable at . Those interested can go there for more.

This review is a part of the" target="_blank">Book Reviews Program at"> Participate now to get free books!